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Sunday 9:00 21:00
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de Cosmetics has inherited First Chemical Works' 50 years of experience in material science and used this knowledge to create the "de Cosmetic" brand. Started on Tianshui Road in Taipei's traditional Dadaocheng business area, de Cosmetic has gone through many hardships to create a high-quality and economical Taiwan brand. de Cosmetics' brand philosophy is based on "natural, simple, and burden-free." This brand philosophy is realized through the use of natural materials, simple formulas, and products that are good for the body. Developed by cosmetic raw material experts, the brand insists on producing and selling in Taiwan. The brand also promotes the use of environmentally friendly recyclable packaging material and a no-stress purchasing environment so that customers can personally experience the luxury and enjoyment provided by quality products and services. 
  • 5、12、46、248、282、288、292、306、652、711、797、1802、1803  Bus Station:  5、12、46、248、282、288、292、306、652、711、797、1802、1803
  • Songjiang Nanjing  Metro Station:  Songjiang Nanjing
  • Taipei Main Station  Train Station:  Taipei Main Station
  •   U-BIKE:  距離約0.4公里

Property location

25.0518827, 121.529378

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