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Brand Story
Beefull, the taste of home-cooked meals
Beefull is run by a family whose daughter originally pursued a career in dessert-making. She honed her skills by reading French menus and desserts, studying abroad, and working at the dessert department of a five-star restaurant. However, her dream took an expected turn as she found herself taking a different path and cooking beef noodles with her parents. Nevertheless, she continues to strive for culinary excellence. To her, patience is the key to mouthwatering cuisine.

Beef noodle soup is boiled for an extended period of time to transform its color from colorless to golden brown. The soup is then combined with chewy, tender beef filled with aroma. A percentage of the soup is reserved for future use to provide a rich taste.
Enjoy clear broth-stewed beef noodles embellished with chenpi and citrus fruits, red-braised beef noodles with a rich, spicy flavor, and spicy braised seasoning featuring 10 medicinal materials and several Sichuan pepper.

Beef noodles × braised seasoning. The Beefull kitchen is your family kitchen. 
Beefull, the taste of home-cooked meals!
  • Shilin  Metro Station:  Shilin

Property location

  • No. 8, Ln. 16, Meide St. Shilin Dist., Taipei City
  • 02-8861-3708
  • Delicious food and specialty
25.0943484, 121.5256484

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