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Artistic-style Desserts in the Form of a Quartet

── Patisserie ISM 
The sunlight wakes up pineapples planted in the field in the south.
Yellow mangoes in the summer are fresh and sweet.
Cellist Chen Shih-lin completes his world tour with his hometown as the final destination.
Using mixing rods as strings, Chen plays chamber music that will turn into delicious desserts to satisfy your taste buds.
Making desserts resembles a love poem; it is also a strict ritual for professionals.*
Who says that art has a certain form of presentation?
Customs and stories of the Taiwan Island told throughout the four seasons can be turned into light, soft dacquoise cakes.
Guest chefs work together with dessert masters at Patisserie ISM
to make artistic-style desserts in the form of a quartet:
set the tone for the story, creative ingenuity, careful selection of ingredients, and presentation of desserts.
The feast is ready! Savor your every bite.
  • Tianmu Sanyu Temple  Bus Station:  Tianmu Sanyu Temple
  • ZhiShan  Metro Station:  ZhiShan
  • Taipei Main Station  Train Station:  Taipei Main Station

Property location

  • No. 21-4, Lane 8, Tianmu E Rd, Shilin District, Taipei City, 111
  • 02-28747989
  • Delicious food and specialty
25.1173683, 121.5322219

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