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Taipei Tang MonaKa Cake Shop is a traditional Japanese dessert shop located on BangKa Boulevard of Taipei City with over 9 decades of experiences. It is also the only traditional shop in Taiwan that produces pure hand-made Japanese style ___ MONAKA cakes. The store was founded during the Japanese Occupation Era in 1920 by irs founder Mr. De-Mei Lee. As an apprentice of the Guangzhou Street Harada, the MONAKA making technique was passed-on to Mr. De-Mei Lee.

When Emperor Hirohito visited Taiwan while he was a prince, he usually picks MONAKA and MONAKA ice cream as his dessert and fruit, they were also the special dessert served only to the government officials and royal nobility and generally not sold to the public, and became available only after the war was dover. The store has been inherited by the third generation now. Each generation has insisted on hand-made in order to retain the traditional unique flavor of this Japanese dessert.

The most representative item of this enduring store is the ___ MONAKA cake (a hand made rice fruit snack stuffed in a special shell). The shell is made using glutinous rice flour by first steaming it into mochi and then baked under low heat. The stuffing comprised the unique oil-less red bean paste recipe. The entire dessert combination has a unique and memorable taste. The other popular item is the rainbow shell ______ ICE MONAKA, whereby the MNAKA shell and the rich ice cream are combined to form the Japanese style ice cream. The dessert can also be made into a Mid-Autumn Festival ice cream moon cake. The shop also provide wholesale of shelled multi-layer steamed bread and numerous other Japanese style MONAKA cakes.
  • Longshan Temple  Metro Station:  Longshan Temple

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  • No. 52, BangKa Blvd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 02-2336-2024
  • Delicious food and specialty
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