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Insist on making food by hand, the traditional approach
Located on 1F, No. 199, Changchun Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taipei Yuzhen insists on making its food by hand; engaging in continuous innovations and R&D; using plant-based butter; and offering healthful (e.g., low-oil and low-sugar) products that maintain their unique taste and are sweet but not too sweet, making Taipei Yuzhen snacks the perfect snacks for vegetarians.
Established in Taipei in 2007, Master Yang of Taipei Yuzhen upholds the teachings of his teacher, constantly asking himself whether he would consume the products he makes prior to offering them to customers. The idea is to treat customers like family. Accordingly, Taipei Yuzhen staff insists on following traditional food preparation methods (e.g., making food by hand), using healthful ingredients and no chemical additives, and carefully making traditional snacks, preserving the natural taste of food ingredients.
  • National Taipei University  Bus Station:  National Taipei University
  • Nanjing Fuxing  Metro Station:  Nanjing Fuxing
  • 無  Train Station:  無
  •   U-BIKE:  距離約Jianguo Viaduct公里

Property location

  • No. 199, Changchun Rd, Zhongshan District Taipei City
  • 02-2518-0162
  • Delicious food and specialty
25.0548641, 121.5382117

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