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The name ANDERLOS, meaning “a beautiful garden,” is the combination of its founder’s name and ancient words of mysterious beauty. The brand is managed by a group of professionals with over a decade of experience under their belts. It is characterized by its focus on fashionable handbags featuring oriental elements and artistic stamps.
The selection of materials, the demonstration of craftsmanship, and the precise implementation of crafting techniques and simple but beautiful designs are intertwined together to embody ANDERLOS’ elegant and fashionable aesthetics.
ANDERLOS is an emerging designer’s brand largely inspired by oriental aesthetics. Its bags are made by craftsmen with two decades of experience using highly-durable cowhide or high-quality first layer leather, adding value to them and enabling them to embody unique life experiences behind the design. ANDERLOS’ Design Director Terry blends Western arts and literature with its traditional Eastern counterparts and integrates the two into his designs. Playing with leather stamping tools and oriental design ideas, Terry is able to create tailored leather bags with unique stamps incorporated with profound poetic sense with his imagination and dreamy painting style. His ten years of experiences provide him with inspiration, which can be seen from his works that are mostly based on current events, social issues, or life aesthetics. He dedicates himself to creating accessories that can accompany users on important occasions, and has produced countless well-known works. Besides designing clothes for TV programs, celebrities and magazine models in the past, Terry also comes up with a series of highly-anticipated designs based on themes that vary every year. 
  • Beimen  Metro Station:  Beimen

Property location

  • Rm. 58, 4F., No. 21, Ln. 280, Sec. 1, Dihua St., Datong Dist., Taipei City
  • 02-2552-6885
  • Apparel and accessory
25.054566, 121.510314

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