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Mayli99 is a clothing store specializing in selling fashionable accessories from Japan and Korea. Customers can buy everything here, ranging from kid’s clothes, lingerie, men’s undergarments, and pajamas that come with various designs.
Mayli99 has been in operation in Taipei’s Datong Shopping District for almost three decades. We mainly sell undergarments, pajamas, Japanese and Korean clothes, designer bags, and kid’s clothes, while offering daily goods, accessories, and bags. This is the place where all your needs can be met.
  • Old Taipei Railway Sta.[S]  Bus Station:  Old Taipei Railway Sta.[S]
  • Taipei Station (Exit. Y13)  Metro Station:  Taipei Station (Exit. Y13)
  • Taipei Station (Exit. Y13)  Train Station:  Taipei Station (Exit. Y13)
  •   U-BIKE:  距離約Taipei Station (Exit. Y13)公里

Property location

  • 2F., No. 86, Huayin St., Datong Dist., Taipei City 103, Taiwan
  • 02 2559 1897
  • Daily Supplies and Sundries
25.050409, 121.514406

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