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Chyuan Du Hot Springs Resort is located next by the MRT Xinbeitou Station in the Beitou District of Taipei City. Location across from Beitou Park ,and in Yangming-Mountain yamashita .

It is away only 5 minute to walk to the Hot Springs Museum ,and Beitou Green Library, and the the geothermal Valley. Chyuan Du Hot Springs Resort was the new decorated completed in May of 2013. The guest-rooms had being redesigned and become relax and cozy. The resort is european style decorating and most modern hotels in the Beitou.

Offer more than 10 kinds of cozy European styles and Japanese styles elegant rooms to choose , every guestroom is unique and offer white sulfur hot springs with different styles tubs in each room. Wish each one can enjoy a natural,peaceful, private setting.

Each room is equipped with a clean, comfortable beds group, imported curtains, fire-retardant carpet, sofa, an LCD screen television, free VOD channels, and brand name amenities.

Beitou's unique white sulfur hot springs are the best quality in all of Taiwan. Because of the springs pale white color it is also aptly named "milk springs." With a pH balance of 3.5 ~ 5.5 and temperatures of the springs range from 39-42 degrees Celsius it is perfect for radiant skin.

Every guestroom is fully equipped with access to the sulfur springs but a guest can also enjoy our different spa packages. Spa choices include marble bucket tubs, the whirl bath tub, the back-to-nature cypress, individual saunas, and other facilities. Not only do we meet the needs of a private hot springs environment, but we also are happy to adapt to each guest's individual pleasures.

The whole resort is equipped with free WIFI. Access to computers , washing machine and tumble dryer are available at the second floor E-center. Free VOD chan-nels are available in each room so that guests can watch the latest movies on demand. There are Wii players available and gratis for use upon request. It is our aim to make sure your mini vacation is the most enjoyable.

Art walkway, beautiful space

Walking in any corner of the Resort, you can stop and enjoy the artwork.

Whether it is jade, logs, metal carvings or famous printmaking.

These beautiful elements enrich the color of your journey.
  • 2 minutes walk from Beitou Park (0.2 km)  Bus Station:  2 minutes walk from Beitou Park (0.2 km)
  • 3 minutes walk from MRT Stations of R22A Xinbeitou Station (0.3 km)  Metro Station:  3 minutes walk from MRT Stations of R22A Xinbeitou Station (0.3 km)
  • 無  Train Station:  無
  •   U-BIKE:  距離約0.3公里

Property location

  • No. 220, Guangming Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City 112, Taiwan
  • 02-2896-0077
  • Theme-based B&B
25.1362269, 121.5045921

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