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Our story begins 50 years ago when a kid from a farmer’s family in Tianwei Township, Changhua County found his calling in the study of Chinese herbal medicine. As he watched his mother making herbal soup in winter to help strengthen the body and getting her prescription filled when feeling ill, this notion gradually took shape. When he became older, he made up his mind to escape his fate of being a farmer and started working as an apprentice in a Chinese herbal medicine store on Dihua Street. He began his own business afterwards. In 1991, after overcoming all sorts of obstacles and difficulties, he made his journey to Mainland China, the place where all Chinese herbs originally came from. Then he spent another 30 years studying the production and manufacturing process of herbal medicine, as well as the methods designed to help improve the business operation model. He also traveled to many different places collecting high-quality herbs and sold them to Taiwan, Europe, and the U.S. Moreover, the one-stop-shop model he developed applies technology to covering the harvesting, processing, preserving, and delivery stages involved in the production of herbal medicine. The technology-driven equipment not only makes it easier to detect pesticide residue and remove undesirable impurities, but also helps ensure safety and quality by filtering out harmful metal substances. This exclusive standardized process plays a crucial part in helping preserve the original color and effectiveness of medicinal herbs. Even though nowadays herbs are widely used in medicine and food therapy, how to pass the wisdom of our ancestors on to other people still remains a challenge. Recognizing this problem, Daily Health has shifted its business focus in 2019 from searching and tracing raw materials to the development of a featured learning experience that allows people to increase their knowledge of Chinese herbs through interactive content. As Daily Health makes its way into a new cultural era of Chinese herbal medicine, it is hoped that our efforts will bring about positive changes to others and ourselves, eventually making it possible for everyone to live every single day with a healthier body and a peaceful mind.
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