Green Island Visitor Center


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Green Island Visitor Center, located in the front of the Green Island Airport, is the first stop in one’s tour of Green Island. The Center has a showcase room and multimedia briefing room explaining in detail Green Island’s rich ecology and landscapes, plus the world under the sea, all dazzling and enticing. Before beginning the tour, visitors can have a short stay in the Visitor Center for the wide range of precious information available there. Visitors, upon arrival, be sure to visit the Green Island Visitor Center and pick up all sorts of travel information, as it’s the first stop in one’s fantastically colorful tour of Green Island. Green Island Visitor Center’s information desk offers visitors travel consultation service and free information. The center is installed with a display room specifically for the introduction on the formation process of Green Island terrains, the formation theory behind the Zhouri Hot Spring and on the conservation of flora and fauna ecology and benthic ecology, e.g., Reef Pemphis, Coconut Crabs, and growing coral cluster species. Also in the Center is a display room for Green Island’s cultural, historical introduction and artifacts, showcasing the local culture, geography, coral reef fish species, flora and fauna, and travel destinations, plus a 15-minute video in the multimedia briefing room on Green Island. At the information desk, publications and souvenirs can be purchased for the preservation of memories and remembrance.
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Property location

  • No. 298, Nanliao, Ludao Township, Taitung County 951, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 089-672026
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22.67201147373493, 121.46843853269661