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Hualien Visitor Center is the northernmost service location of this scenic area, located on the hill, 8km on Provincial Highway 11 in Shoufeng Township of Hualien County. It has a broad view, and is a great place to gaze out at the Pacific Ocean. There is an exhibition room that introduces the natural and cultural resources, and tourism info along the eastern coast, as well as a multimedia conference room that can accommodate up to 81 people. Before heading out on a tour in this area, the guests can check up on the relevant info here. The Shuitang Hill on the side of the visitor center cultivates Easter lilies. From April to the end of May, when the lilies bloom, follow the scenic route to see the sea of flowers swaying in the breeze; it is as joyful as a sonnet. Head north from the visitor center to reach Lingdingjia where the northern boundary of Haian Range is. There, you can see the spectacular view of whirling waves created by Hualien River merging with the Pacific Ocean. It is also the reason why Hualien was known as Whirling Wave Pier in the past.
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Property location

  • No. 5, Dakeng, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County 974, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 03-8671326
  • Friendly-Coliseum
23.904521514659702, 121.60272786752853

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