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With a 31% market share in Ireland, Insomnia Coffee is the largest Irish independent coffee chain and ranks No. 16 among coffee chains in Europe. Insomnia Coffee has since expanded its market to the U.K., Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan.
Insomnia Coffee is a one stop coffee shop, offering unique coffee beans that distinguish us from our competitors. Additionally, since 2006, we have sold our coffee and tea under fair trade conditions.
Insomnia Coffee has formed partnerships with the BWG Group (a leader in the retail industry) as well as various channels that have won numerous awards.
In March 2020, Insomnia Coffee quietly opened its first flagship store in Asia. The store, located in the Neihu Technology Park, the most forward-looking and representative technology park in Taiwan, targets office workers as its customers.
The goal of Insomnia Coffee is to suffuse the cold and busy commercial and office area of the Neihu Technology Park with warmth and a strong European environment and atmosphere.
Insomnia Coffee uses the energetic, friendly, and memorable colors of red and yellow in its logo to illustrate its desire to use its coffee to brighten up its customers' lives.
Insomnia Coffee wishes to become a friend of everyone in the neighborhood (meet neighbor @ Taipei), and interact with its customers and communities to establish a close relationship.
  • Xihu Station (Takming University)  Metro Station:  Xihu Station (Takming University)

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  • 02-8751-2558
  • Delicious food and specialty
25.0805317, 121.5694406

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