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What started in the Old City of Jerusalem in 1860 as just one small store selling one kind of dessert, has become the purveyor of superb desserts all across the Middle East. Maintaining nearly 160 years of traditional methods, Zalatimo always brings out the best in foods' natural deliciousness and only uses the finest ingredients. The sweets are hand-made from ancient recipes to create multi-layered flavors. Even now, Zalatimo steadfastly uses no chemical additives or preservatives. Zalatimo has also received strict ISO 22000:2005 and SGS food safety certifications. The products use large amounts of high-quality nuts and Middle Eastern dates, called the Supreme Fruit of the Desert, so Zalatimo sweets are high in nutritional value. These are traditional sweets where you can see and taste the safety of the food.
  • Xihu  Metro Station:  Xihu

Property location

  • 1F., No. 13-2, Ln. 323, Sec. 1, Neihu Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 02-2627-7717
  • Delicious food and specialty
25.0837271, 121.56810339999993

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